binwees xs


When installing for the first time, you have 60 days evaluation time.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your project can still be worked on after the evaluation period and without a license! You can export the Binwees files once created, even with an expired license (free version), to an editable Word DOCX, an ODT or a PDF and edit them further. You can also use the Binwees free version to open projects, text and comment on existing scripts, and use the text-video link.


Binwees version 1.0.13

64bit, Sierra (10.12) and higher

Follow the installation instructions.


Binwees version 1.0.13

64bit, Windows 7 and higher

Follow the installation instructions.


Verlängerung des Standard-Testzeitraumes bis zum 31.07.2020.

By downloading you accept the general terms and conditions of Die Schnittmeister GmbH & Co. KG listed here.