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Here you will find the frequently asked questions about Binwees. You have feedback or require help for a specific problem? Contact us! We are eager to assist you.

If you want to see Binwees live in action to get a concrete insight, and where you can also ask questions directly, we can offer you the following option:

The Remote-Presentation. One of our employees will present Binwees to you through an Anydesk- or Teamviewer- and telephone connection. Alternatively a Skype connection is also possible. No additional costs arise.


Can Binwees be tested for free?

Yes! Everyone interested has the chance / possibility to try out Binwees with no restrictions and for free for a full 2 months!

Which operating system is required?

o Binwees is available for macOS 64bit, Sierra (10.12) and above and for Windows 64bit, Win7 and above.

What happens after the test period?

Binwees opens as a “free version”. All Binwees projects can still be accessed like before. The content in the text boxes can still be edited. Comment boxes can also still be created. Though new text boxes cannot be created, deleted or moved. It will also not be possible to create new projects.

Can Binwees-documents be converted to Word- or PDF files?

Every Binwees-document can be converted to a .docx or .pdf file via the export function in the application. The re-import is only to a limited extent. So see this watch our online tutorial. (starts January 2020).

Your question could not be answered?

Binwees and the tutorials are constantly being further developed. Should your question still not be answered, or you wish a private introduction, feel free to contact us!


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